Liu Ho Pa Fa (6 harmonies, 8 methods) is an advanced internal-style martial art that developed centuries ago on Hua Shan (Flower Mountain) in China. It uses eight training methods that develop six internal and external body harmonies and combines refined and effective martial techniques and strategy with the scientific principles of physiology and biomechanics. The practices and principles of Liu Ho Pa Fa train the body to transition fluidly from movement to movement, generate force, and channel energy. Our Liu Ho Pa Fa comes from the current lineage holder of the style, Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi.

The 12 Animals Form is the foundation practice of the Liu Ho Pa Fa system. The 12 Animals Form is comprised of 12 short drill sequences (3 to 6 movements) that teach the martial principles and techniques of the style by imitating the fighting movements of 12 animals. The form creates unified and harmonious movement in a practitioner as well as introducing the fundamental techniques of the style.

The Mother and Sons Form consists of eight short routines that were the favored fighting techniques of its creator, Lu Hong. The first routine outlines the central theme and techniques (the mother), and the following 7 routines are variations (the sons) on the first form.

Liu Ho Pa Fa Main Form is an advanced Liu Ho Pa Fa form that teaches applications of the 6 harmonies and 8 methods and integrates and expands upon the techniques of the 12 animals. The form presents many fighting sequences and strategies with an emphasis on fluidity and technical precision of movement.