Our October newsletter is here and filled with great info and beautiful images. Upcoming training and teaching opportunities, fundraiser and board search updates, what's all the bone beating about? and more.


As the fall season approaches, we have the upcoming fall fundraiser, a call for new board members, and a farewell to outgoing board president Adam Nelsen. And studio member Fran Myers has written an article on form practice.


This month we have an opportunity for you or someone you know to serve the studio as a member of the Board of Directors; we are looking for a president and two at large members. There is more on page 1 of the newsletter.

In addition, Sifu Paul shares a story about Tian Tan Park and answers a question about vagal tone.


Read about Sifu Paul's trip to China and some tips for practicing T'ai Chi in hot weather.

The studio is closed today but will be open with a regular schedule on Saturday. Enjoy this 4th of July - and maybe practice one or two of those tips for hot weather T'ai Chi.


Read about Sifu Paul's recent trip to China and a heartfelt thanks to ur very talented tutors.  You can also check out changes to the class schedule.


Single straightsword, single broadsword, double broadsword, cane, and fan.  These are the weapons forms we teach at Twin Cites T'ai Chi. This month Sifu Paul answers the question "Why Study T'ai Chi Weapons?"

You can also read about recent and upcoming promotional events and class changes


This issue has answers to two important questions:

  • What is double weighting?

  • What will Sifu Paul do on his upcoming trip to China?

And congratulations to six members who completed the  Liu Ho Pa Fa Main Form.   This is the densest and most challenging form taught at the studio.


Well, March does usher in spring time with daylight savings and the equinox. Learn a bit about how to embrace spring, incorporate it into our diets, and add a spring liver-sound QiGong to your practice.


Happy New Year.  It is the Year of the Pig.  Pigs' chubby faces and big ears may be considered signs of fortune.  May this year be prosperous for all of us.

More greetings as well as the question of the month and updates on classes are included in this month's Wudang.


January is half over.  And meteorological winter is half over.  Before either gets too much further along, take a few minutes and read the Wudang. We honor the passing of martial arts Grandmaster Gin Foon Mark and take a look at the year ahead.


This issue features a look back at a pretty amazing 2018.  And the question of the month is "What is Qigong?"


We have a new feature for the Wudang: Question of the Month in which Sifu Paul will provide information on principles, theory, history, applications, and other ideas on T’ai Chi, Qigong, and the other practices taught at the studio.   

And you can see a recap of our 2 - 25 Celebration and status of the matching grant.


Our early autumn newsletter full of information, updates, and ideas. Enjoy


Summer seemed short this year, but fall will be upon us soon.  To kick off that season we have:

  • An autumn matching grant

  • A 2-year and 25-year anniversary

  • New meditation and weapons classes

  • And more...


This month we are highlighting Sifu Paul's Healing Tao training in North Carolina. You can also read about the "dynamic duo" demo at the CONvergence convention and a new beginner-friendly meditation class that will start in September.


It's short and sweet this month. Read about some demo opportunities, enjoy a few quotes from Master Liang, and see what's changing in classes in July.


It was 100 degrees when Sifu Paul wrote the introduction to this month's Wudang. It's 75 degrees as I am getting ready to send this.  If that reduction in heat was not enough to lower your stress, then read the major article this month on "Why Tai Chi Is the Most Underrated Workout for Relieving Stress and Improving Sleep."

Congratulations to Seth Taylor and happy anniversary to Lavonne Bunt. And upcoming class changes in July and demo opportunities July through next January. 


The foundation of the complete system of T’ai Chi Ch’uan is the Solo Form. In this issue w review the 3 primary stages in learning the Solo Form (1) Relaxation, Posture, and Sequence, (2) Rhythm and Harmony, and (3) Breath and Energy.  

And there's more, including

  • Congratulations to Ruthann Godollei,

  • Opportunities for a demo team


Paul assures us that the longer days we notice in the evening classes are really a sign of spring - and he welcomes he newest granddaughter into the world.  

We are looking for people to help us grow the studio, in particular one or two additional board members and people who might want to serve as committee chairs. Read about it and think about it. If you or someone you know might be interested, email us or tell Sifu Paul. We can tell you more about what we need.

And we are cleaning house. Does spring cleaning count as another indicator that Spring is really here?


Meteorological spring began on March 1. Lunar spring begins on March 20. On the Chinese calendar spring begins halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. (And Mother Nature seems to have her own ideas these days.)  Regardless, in this issue we introduce spring with a new Healing Tao class, graduation news, a soldier's perspective on T'ai Chi, and the MarsCon Chronicles.


Master Liang would have been 118 two weeks ago. We honor him with an article about T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Meditation, and the Five Stimulations.

New t-shirts are in. If you pre-ordered one, please pick it up soon. We ordered extras so if you didn't pre-order one, we have a few in stock for you to choose from. And think about where to wear your new shirt. We love the loyalty that you show by wearing it at the studio, but if you sometimes wore one to the gym or the grocery store or to work (if you have a casual dress code), it becomes great free advertising for us.  


It's new year and a time for new beginnings. Part of that may be finding ways—or finding new ways—to incorporate a T'ai Chi practice into daily life and let it shape your day.


Meteorological winter started on December and astronomical winter will be upon us soon. This is a good time for reflection and celebration. During this month, we will be offering a Healing Tao Sampler on Wednesday evenings. And, in this issue, we celebrate our new website and our tutors.


It's nearly Thanksgiving and there is so much to celebrate and to be grateful for:  three people who completed the solo form, renewed focus on vision and values, and the life of Doug Anderson. More on those things and changes to classes is in the Wudang. I've also attached the December class schedule.


Oh my gosh!  It's our one-year anniversary as Twin Cities T'ai Chi with our new mission and leadership. We will celebrate at the Oct 7  Autumn Vision and Values meeting. There is lots of other news in this month's issue,  including a special story about Jailhouse Tai Chi.


While the major summer time holidays and events are now behind us, this month's Wudang reminds us that there is still more to celebrate. We met the goal for the matching grant - but you can still contribute to the fund to support educational efforts. We have a community vision and values event in October. And the microcosmic orbit class starts later this month


“I can teach you, but I can’t practice for you.”
—Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi

You'll see that quote in this month's Wudang. Much of it is devoted to the difficulties of, the importance of, and, ultimately, the joy of practice.

There is also:

  • new baby news

  • continuation of the round up campaign

  • a fall event

  • and more



I'm not sure whether, as we enter the season of fire, there is any significance that I am sending this out on a day that will include a lot of fireworks. I leave that to each of you to decide. Regardless, there is a lot of "hot" news including:

  • New sign at the outside entrance

  • Congratulations to one of our members

  • Balance and T'ai Chi

  • Class schedule updates

  • Round up campaign for the matching grant


Hello Everyone,
June 1 was the first day of meteorological summer and a perfect time to start some outdoor T'ai Chi. Sifu Paul has already done some outdoor rounds and is looking forward to more; We have an amazing fundraising opportunity - a $12,000 Challenge Grant for Chief Instructor Education. The details are on the first page.

And there are some class changes coming up next session.


Hello Everyone,
June 1 was the first day of meteorological summer and a perfect time to start some outdoor T'ai Chi. Sifu Paul has already done some outdoor rounds and is looking forward to more; We have an amazing fundraising opportunity - a $12,000 Challenge Grant for Chief Instructor Education. The details are on the first page.

And there are some class changes coming up next session.


Hello Everyone,
The April newsletter is attached. Open it and see some of the beautiful intentions people wrote at the Golden Rooster Greets the Spring event. You can find out who has completed the solo form and see a charming picture of our newest member.  
We have some changes to the class schedule which are described the newsletter. A copy of the spring schedule is also attached.


The March 2017 Wudang is attached. We welcome March, acknowledging the nearness of spring. Read about our upcoming Golden Rooster Greets the Spring event and a new collaboration with the Aliveness Project and learn a little about the new animal and new symmetries coming in classes this month.


Dear Members,
I am excited to share our new monthly newsletter with you, provided as an attachment below.In it you will find our new mission statement, our new studio logo, news of our upcoming spring celebration, upcoming classes, and more. 

Please take a look and let us know what you think. I look forward to seeing you at thestudio.    

Warm regards,